Picture of the NDP’s at the White House!

Friday morning started out with lots of rain.  All of the morning activities were outside activities, including taking a photo of the National Distinguished Principals in front of the White House and a special White House garden tour.  Never fear!  The weather cleared up and we were able to take our picture in front of the White House and visit the grounds!  We lined up from tallest to smallest and then they carefully placed each person in just the right spot!  Lifetouch studios sponsors all of the picture taking and video making.  When i return I will receive an official photo of the White House photograph taken.  For now, here are some pictures taken inside the hotel, just in case the weather didn’t clear up and then a picture of the photo in front of the White House.  Look for me way in the back in the light gray suit!

Photograph of all of the NDP’s in the hotel lobby taken from the second floor balcony.

Close up photo of me while we are waiting for the official photographer that had us say NDP! instead of cheese!

Mrs. Wheaton’s official photograph of all of the NDP’s! Lifetouch studios will send the “official” photograph in a month or so.

The “official” Lifetouch photo of NDP’s in front of the White House.  Check out their photo magic and how they made the cloudy skies bright blue!

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