National Archives Reception

This is the facade of the National Archives building. I took this picture with my phone. Last picture I could take as cameras are not allowed to be used at all inside the building. The light can harm the precious documents stored within.

After an hour or two of rest after listening to all of the principals speak, Mrs. Wheaton and I cleaned up and got ready for the evening reception at the National Archives.  Only principals and their guests were invited to this reception.  We had to have security clearance in advance to be able to enter.  The Rotunda of the National Archives building is absolutely stunning.  In this beautiful room is where the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence are displayed.  They are all hermetically sealed with argon gas and of course can not be touched.  They are automatically lowered each evening into a special storage area that is secure and ensures that the documents will be safe.   The lighting is very low in the Rotunda so that further damage to the documents will not occur.  We were provided with wonderful food and beverages and heard the Assistant Secretary of State speak to us about the importance of education and our importance as leaders.  After the reception time, we were allowed to visit other parts of the building and exhibits.  The Archives is a place where every document and book related to our government is stored.  Although they have begun digitizing many of the documents, I was told that billions of pages of documents are stored there!  I stopped in the gift shop and bought some cool books to donate to our library about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence that are kid friendly.

We wait in the hotel lobby to be picked up by the buses to take us to the National Archives. Cute couple, eh?

After the National Archives reception we returned to our hotel and then walked to the Old Ebbit Grill for a very late dinner with other principals from my region.  The National Distinguished Principals from Iowa and Wisconsin and their wives joined us for dinner.  As we walked to the restaurant, we stopped to view the White House lit up at night.  After dinner, we went to the top of the Washington Hotel and looked out at the Washington Monument and the White House.  A beautiful evening!

The White House front door as seen in the evening. We walked everywhere we went in Washington DC. Our hotel was close by. We always made sure that we went by the White House every time we walked back from somewhere.

I had the “special” Maine Lobster for dinner in honor of the Maine principal! The bib ensures that I don’t get any of the lobster juice on my clothes. Dipped in melted butter, yum-yum!


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